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Our Vision

The Best Coffee Can & Should Be In Your Home

A wise man once said, "The best cup of coffee is the one in my hand." We like this, but we also like adding "the one in my home." You see, no matter how good your favorite coffee shop might be, nothing compares to the purity and sanctity of coffee made by hand at home. Why spend your time and money driving to a shop to pay someone else to make your daily cup for you when you could be experiencing the beauty of the craft.

For the best cup of coffee, stop paying more for less of an experience. Stay home and make it yourself. You can be the expert in your own 'coffee house.'

Get excited about home craft by reading our blog (start with The Best Coffee Can & Should Be In Your Home). And then read some of our most popular posts including:

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Make Your Coffee. No Excuses.

We want to liberate you from the tyranny of the daily beverage line and save you money. If you're ready for the shackles of pretense to fall from your limbs, prepare to boldly embrace the secrets of home craft.

rise up and take what's Yours

Coffee is a gift from creation, a craft to perfect, and something we consume. Those are the three 'C's of coffee. If you love to consume your coffee, chances are you will love its craft and will enjoy learning how it came to be created. How deeply you want to experience these tenets is of course up to you.

Coffee exists for you. It's here to make you a more satisfied and complete person, and you help coffee be fully realized. Coffee has always been and always will be most enjoyed in the comfort of the home—with family, good company, or simply your morning thoughts and meditations.

Ultimately, we insist that the 'home coffee experience' be realized as the gold standard for every coffee-loving citizen.

We envision a day when the home coffee experience will be so established that the home brewer might feel slighted when paying someone else to make his coffee. It won't be about money, but rather a sense of responsibility for and relationship with the creation, craft, and consumption of the world's most fantastic libation.