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How Deep Can Simple Be?


How Deep Can Simple Be?

Paul Haworth

Bottomless wonders spring from simple rules, which are repeated without end.
— Benoit Mandelbrot, Mathematician, Coined the term "Fractal."

We love this statement here at Coffee Bureau. The mathematician, the architect, the engineer, and even the musician can agree that there can be untold beauty and value in simplicity. Coffee crafting is also simple. A quality bean, consistent grind, hot pure water, proper brew ratio, and decent filtration will yield a favorable cup. But there is even more value to the simplicity of your coffee crafting ritual than this. Employing simple rules within a daily crafting rhythm is an empowering act of human potential.

Your day needs an opening statement.

The way you choose to make your coffee says something about you and what you value in the rest of your life. It creates structure and initiates a sense of productivity. One example of this is in the context of the camping trip, an activity we at Coffee Bureau are quite fond of. Here, the morning ritual of preparing coffee is not only about the coffee itself, but also about how the making of coffee brings a sense of anchoring to the campsite. Like building a fire at night, making coffee in the morning is crucial. Crawling from your tent at dawn, you might see mere threads of smoke emerging from last night's fire and feel a bit lost since your previous craft is all but extinguished. The first instinct is not to rebuild the fire, but to build some coffee. And, when that coffee has been crafted, you have a renewed sense of belonging.

As an act of simplicity, camping is a powerful experience because it connects us to something much deeper. The absence of luxury allows us to intuit our true dependence on our environment. In this voluntary act of simplicity, we learn more about our general humanness—our basic needs of sustenance and warmth. We also learn about our specific personal values. What are the simple luxuries you find indispensable in this context? Every coffee lover will agree that coffee craft is one of those.

How does your morning at home compare to this campsite experience?

Do you start off seeing the 'fire' from the accomplishments of your previous day smoldering and no longer producing heat or light? Does the idea of following simple rules to build something anchoring feel irresistible? Take the tools in your hands and start the process. This day belongs to you and it is in your best interest to make the best cup possible.

Daily craft rituals bring us value that we don't always consciously acknowledge. The best rituals are those that connect our hands, hearts, and minds to something of beauty and wonder, using simple rules which we can repeat daily.