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What Your Coffee Cup Says About You


What Your Coffee Cup Says About You

Paul Haworth

Most of us have a favorite mug we use to drink our coffee. Many of us may have several. It might seem like an insignificant detail, but we at Coffee Bureau believe the cup can be as important as the coffee, from a certain point of view.

In the world of craft cocktails, there is a sense of propriety about vessels. You would never serve an old fashioned in a martini glass or wine in a beer mug. In this case, much is based on tradition, but there are characteristics of architecture that will distribute aromatics to the nose and flavors to certain parts of the tongue, as well. Often, there is a confluence of tradition and sensory experience that stands the test of time and develops into a sort of Epicurean law. In this regard, a beverage is considered to be deliberately 'paired' with its vessel.

Coffee may have a less developed tradition, but there are still many defaults that we should discuss and consider. Coffee is often associated with disposable paper or plastic cups, because the consumer and the purveyor have both been led to believe that it should be treated like a fountain beverage. We will disregard this notion with the same axiomatic sentiment that crafted cocktails should not be consumed from 'red cups.' This aside, we still have a variety of valid shapes, sizes, materials, and functionality to consider.

Qualities of your cup

The shape of your vessel will determine three things: the way you are able to hold it, the way it retains heat, and the way it distributes the coffee to your senses. The size will obviously presuppose an ideal portion. What a coffee cup is made of will affect both retention of heat and overall weight. As for function, there are those with handles, those which require both hands, and those that are sealed tight and are basically thermoses.

Coffee Bureau isn't going to tell you what you should be using; we simply want to encourage you to take a bit of time to consider what you are using and why. One approach is to start with your mug and try to decipher what it might be that you like or don't like about it. You may be surprised to find that you don't actually like your mug. If you take the time to find one you do like, you will also enjoy your coffee that much more due to a sense of intentionality and ownership.

What your cup says about you

Once you find a vessel you truly connect with, you can start to consider what your choice says about you. At Coffee Bureau, we love diner style mugs. The smaller and heavier they are, the better. Our favorites are the ones manufactured in the middle of the last century which hold about six ounces of coffee. To us, this expresses our value of smaller portions and continuity with coffee history. We also resonate with the nearly indestructible density that provides a sense of value and legacy.

How you drink your coffee is not a minor detail. Do not simply settle with what is easy or what is trendy. You need to be deliberate about it and be confident in your choice. Try not to second guess yourself and simply allow the connection to happen. After this, you can actually use this sense of preference as a way of learning more about yourself.