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The Best Coffee Can and Should Be In Your Home


The Best Coffee Can and Should Be In Your Home

Paul Haworth

A wise man once said, "The best cup of coffee is the one in my hand." We like this, but we also like adding "the one in my home." You see, no matter how good your favorite coffee shop might be, nothing compares to the purity and sanctity of coffee made by hand at home. So what are the things that keep us from making coffee ourselves?

One major hurdle is an aversion to anything manual. For some reason, we've let the machines take over when it comes to coffee. This is strange, as we still enjoy doing things like chopping our vegetables by hand or cracking pepper from a mill over our food. Home coffee crafting is like any other culinary art. Knowing a few basic brewing rules can lead to endless satisfaction. We aren't going to get into all the 'A-B' tests we want to challenge you to (that will be another blog) but we're excited to challenge the notion of 'hands off' brewing.

Another problem is how bombarded we've been with the 'coffee shopaganda' that tells us we are not worthy to do anything to our coffee except drink it. Many of us know intuitively we should have more ownership over our cup; we try doing things like adding cream or sugar to make it more our own, only to be scoffed at for having desecrated something sacred. Well, we believe the ideal is that craft and consumption would be experienced by the same person and not be divided. In a modern coffee house, the purveyor is crafting and not tasting while the customer is tasting and not crafting. Both are equally incomplete.

The final key is knowledge. Like so many worthwhile things in this world, coffee is a strange combination of ridiculous simplicity and boundless complexity. The foundation for confidence in your craft is knowing a fraction of both dimensions. Something we want to do here at Coffee Bureau is translate the important industry knowledge and make it available to all. There is a cacophony of worthless chatter out there that we would love to help you weed through.

So, for the best cup of coffee, stop paying more for less of an experience. Stay home and make it yourself. You can be the expert in your own 'coffee house.' Get ready to get your hands involved so your mind and heart can follow.