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Café Series: The Tip Jar

Paul Haworth

Tipping is a mostly American phenomenon. In restaurant culture it becomes a legal loophole which allows employees to be paid less than the federal minimum wage. It is considered so compulsory that many restaurants' printed checks will include a calculation tool or even add a non-negotiable gratuity line item for larger parties.

Coffee shops aren't allowed this loophole, but tipping has still found its way into the café. On the surface, it seems like a nice way for customers to express how much they appreciate service. There is value, however, in a bit of critical thinking about this tradition.

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Café Series: The Third Space

Paul Haworth

We will be doing a blog series on café culture. Though our mainstay is promoting home coffee craft, your experiencing a filter and/or espresso shop is inevitable. For example, most roasteries double as coffee houses, for better or for worse. The café is a treasure trove for points of critical thinking about the state of our culture and the specialty coffee industry as a whole. Let's spend some time thinking together about what it all means.

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Certifications: Don't Export Your Ethics, Use Them Here.

Paul Haworth

If you are a coffee lover, chances are that at some point you have wondered about the value of buying beans that are 'Certified Fair Trade.' There will be those who tell you it is as bad to buy non-certified coffee as it is to buy a 'blood diamond.' On the other side, there are many who claim the certification system is a racket that only makes the rich richer and the poor poorer. So, who is right?

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The Best Coffee Can and Should Be In Your Home

Paul Haworth

A wise man once said, "The best cup of coffee is the one in my hand." We like this, but we also like adding "the one in my home." You see, no matter how good your favorite coffee shop might be, nothing compares to the purity and sanctity of coffee made by hand at home. So what are the things that keep us from making coffee ourselves?

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