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Coffee Hall of Fame: The Aeropress

Paul Haworth

By far the most recently invented addition to our hall of fame, the Aeropress coffee maker was created by the Aerobie brand in 2005. It may not be the most attractive device in the home brewing category, but it is has become a household name in specialty coffee just the same. It is super cheap and practically indestructible, but it owes its notoriety to its truly unique method of extraction.

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Cold Brew

Paul Haworth

If there is a spectrum of coffee beverage preparation, cold brewing is undoubtedly on the end furthest from espresso. Espresso extraction can take 24 seconds, cold brewing often takes 24 hours. Espresso typically has the lowest caffeine content per serving, cold brew boasts the highest. Espresso is volatile and often demands immediate consumption, while cold brew has a shelf stability that can exceed 1 week if refrigerated. Finally, the learning curve and equipment necessary for producing a palatable shot of espresso are the least accessible of all brew methods, while the skill and equipment needed for an acceptable cold brew are minimalistic and superbly approachable.

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