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Coffee Hype And What It Means

Paul Haworth

A common first question asked by those interested in specialty coffee is something along the line of what the 'best coffee' in the world is. There are many subjective ways to answer this question but usually the individual is asking about something quantified. They may want to know about high cupping (coffee tasting) scores, but more often than not it is expense that they want to know about. They are curious about whatever is currently 'hyped up' and costly.

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Coffee Hall of Fame: A Song For the Siren

Paul Haworth

This post is the first of several contemplations on elements from our collective coffee past, some of which have been shrouded in shadow, undeservedly ignored, or even hastily condemned. We are focusing on these topics because of their contributions toward the full potential of coffee. We are kicking this series off with a very obvious example—Starbucks.

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