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Coffee Elevator Speeches

Paul Haworth

So you're ready to tell people about your coffee obsession? Maybe you're thinking you could actually entice some folks into joining your madness? We would like to offer you some of our favorite analogies and elevator speeches we have curated over the years. Some of them are direct answers to questions and others are more general. No matter what, it is best to maintain a sense of humor and admit that you are, in fact, insane. Insane for the bean!

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Paul Haworth

There's a bit of controversy around 'blending' coffee beans. Is it some kind of mystical high-point of coffee craft that involves a finely tuned palate and a deep concept of flavor aesthetics? Or is blending only for cheap, low quality coffees as many single origin, single estate, and single variety proponents claim? Maybe this sounds weird, but in order to understand why this stout debate exists, it is helpful to go back and think about some basic Socratic Greek philosophy.

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