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Passport Series: Brazil

Paul Haworth

If Ethiopia is the birthplace of coffee, Brazil is where it went to business school. Really though, coffee as a globally traded commodity has been more impacted by Brazil then any other country of origin. The saying goes that when Brazil sneezes, the rest of the coffee world catches a cold. Anyone who wants to understand how coffee prices have been (and still are being) set, learn why Fair Trade was established, or glimpse the full potential of highly mechanized coffee production cannot do so without learning about Brazil.

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How Deep Can Simple Be?

Paul Haworth

"Bottomless wonders spring from simple rules, which are repeated without end." - Benoit Mandelbrot. We love this statement here at Coffee Bureau. The mathematician, the architect, the engineer, and even the musician can agree that there can be untold beauty and value in simplicity. Coffee crafting is also simple.

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Adding Value

Paul Haworth

A very trendy statement in the third wave is "we can't add value, we can only take it away." It would seem this statement is rooted in an attempt to regain humility and to communicate a more complete narrative for the customer (regarding the journey of the bean. But we at Coffee Bureau think it might be time to embrace a new type of humility. Instead of focusing on quality as some sort of volatile chemical property in a coffee bean, let's ponder an even more complete perspective.

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