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Traveling & Coffee


Traveling & Coffee

Paul Haworth

Whether for business or pleasure, travel is a lot easier if you can take a little bit of home with you. A perfect example of a portable creature comfort is your coffee. Don't rely on others for this crucial part of your daily routine. You can put together a travel coffee kit affordably and with very little space, if you know how.


First of all, you need to bring some trustworthy beans with you. One way to simplify things is to pre-measure them for each brew and place these 'doses' in ziplock bags. You can figure out how many of these you will need for your trip and leave the rest of your stash at home.


Use bottled drinking water (not distilled water). Tap water is unpredictable at best. If you have access to a microwave, you are in luck. If not, you can buy a small immersion water heating element online for about 8 dollars. All you need is a good old electrical outlet.

For measuring water, you can bring some kind of lightweight vessel (even a paper cup will work) which you can pre-mark to indicate volume. If you are a control freak, there are some fairly inexpensive compact scales as well.


There is a wide range of hand grinders (from affordable to fancy) and some are more compact than others. If you have to, you can pre-grind your doses, although grinding fresh will be the most rewarding experience.


There are some devices that will be better suited for travel than others. Without a doubt, the king of combining quality with convenience is the Aeropress. It is hard to beat as a single-cup experience. If you are making coffee for more than just yourself, something like a Clever dripper might be more appropriate. Obviously, you will want to avoid devices that are bulky or fragile.


This we will leave up to you. No matter the purpose for your trip, anchoring your day with a familiar process you can control will guarantee that at least one aspect of your journey will unfold according to plan. There is nothing worse than starting your day with a disappointing cup of coffee. Don't let this happen to you!

Whether you are visiting family, attending a convention, or taking the kids to Disneyland—you have the power to still make the best cup of coffee possible while away. Home may be said to be "where the heart is" but it can also be "where your coffee is."