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'Consumption' has a bad reputation.

Let's start there. 'Consumption' feels negative because we've culturally encouraged a devastating separation. We've developed ways to divorce the act of consuming something from the act of crafting, as well as the awareness of ultimate origin (creation). However, we want to continue to use this word in spite of any possible prejudice because it's this very imbalance that we hope to help correct in the hearts, minds, and hands of our readers. 

Consumption is the most intimate we can be with creation. In the case of food or drink we actually take it inside of us and it is transformed into our ever-regenerating substance. The less we know about what we take in, the less meaningful the experience is. Consuming without knowledge is like sex without love. And it isn't just about knowing what something is made of or what ingredients are used, but knowing as much as possible about the origin and the craft narrative that brought it to you.

We're dedicated to the idea of the coffee lover being as connected as possible to his coffee. The zenith of coffee experience will always be the act of drinking. And this moment will be elevated by every effort to understand and participate in what makes it fantastic. This is what drives us to encourage the consumer to engage in craft on whatever level he or she feels is most immediately accessible. Even small amounts of craft can have unforeseen results of joy and fulfillment when you finally take that first sip.

Consumption is contemplation.

When enjoying your next cup, try to see more than just a dark liquid. What you are holding is the applause and the encore, the final judgment, and the punctuation mark on the end of a very long sentence. The drinking of coffee is a sacred moment of contemplation. It is communion with creation through a concert of modern and ancient craft. It is also communion with anyone you happen to be sharing your coffee with.