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What do we mean by 'craft?'

We use this word to refer to everything we do with the raw materials we're given. Craft is the reordering of existing creation. Craft is what ties the knot between creation and our consumption. Craft is also very connected to time, since it's a function of human history. Most of what we consume is part of a craft narrative whether we're aware of it or not.

Approach craft with humility.

Craft performed in proper humility toward creation will always have two distinct products. The first of these is obviously the product we consume. The second is often overlooked. Craft produces more complete and satisfied people. This is actually the more important of the two. The need for humanization through craft is not optional—it's something everyone craves and must experience for a sense of well-being. How many of us have vocations that are so lacking in craft that we must have a hobby that accomplishes this? Like air, water, or food, the soul needs craft to stay alive.

Nobody really knows when the craft narrative of coffee began, but we can all be a part of where it is now and where it will go. Our vision is to encourage the consumer to participate in as much of this narrative as possible. We believe that, when empowered, those who love coffee will also love its craft. The greatest hindrance to this is the modern coffee shop culture that often encourages complete separation between the passion of making and the art of drinking a cup of coffee. This implication that it's best to leave all craft to the purveyor is a great shame.

Taking part in craft is essential.

The joy of coffee craft is not new. As long as we've known about coffee, we've had some way to prepare it in our homes for ourselves and for others. What is new, and always will be reinventing itself, is the way technology influences our craft. Technology is a wonderful ally. It offers a constant stream of new tools to use as we develop ourselves. 

However, when we employ a new tool we only derive lasting value from it if we're free to do something even more humanizing with our minds, hearts, and hands. Would it make sense to build a robot to drink your coffee for you? Of course not. Accordingly, it doesn't make sense to build a machine to experience the joy of craft. either. Tools exist to aid craft. They exist to allow our craft to be more satisfying through things like precision and consistency, which then allow our consumption to be more rewarding. 

It's our responsibility as human beings to craft as a way of 'completing' creation. It isn't just something we need to do to survive. We're saturated with craft potential and this comes with a responsibility to make wonderful things a little more wonderful.