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What do we mean by 'creation?'

We mean the substance of the universe and the totality of all things known and unknown. Sounds like everything, right? No matter what, we are bound up within 'creation' and we can't change the fact that we are made of 'creation.' We like the word 'creation' for many reasons. It implies potency, it implies purpose, and it implies whimsy combined with desire. But what especially differentiates this from 'craft' is the notion of absolute origin.

Approach creation with humility.

We humans did not somehow 'invent' the coffee plant. Neither did we draft the diagrams for the chemical constituents of the bean. This sense of humility is crucial to the appreciation of value. Any coffee experience is incomplete without it. Without 'creation' there could, of course, be no 'craft' or 'consumption.' Without awareness and humility towards this fact, a coffee experience will be profoundly small.

We hope to encourage this humility and still embrace the notion that coffee was intended for us to discover, uncover, and even perfect. Like treasure hunters, we find ourselves compelled to search. We find the mysterious treasure of coffee built into the fabric of our world and, as we respectfully explore and enjoy it, we learn more about what it means to be human. 

Appreciate creation.

Many consumers have been led to believe that the secret to a more full coffee experience is simply in drinking more of it. We are here to unequivocally proclaim that this is not the case. If you want to enjoy your coffee more, you will need to appreciate it more. And the first thing to appreciate is the fantastic fact that it even exists.

Actions and beliefs are tied together. How you approach your coffee will say a lot about what you believe about yourself, your fellow man, and the world you are part of. Many people think they know what they believe but then act out something different entirely. Coffee provides a perfect opportunity for introspection on this. What do you find yourself valuing most in your coffee? Does this line up with what you claim to value most in life?

Seeing coffee as something that was created for humanity will inform its entire craft narrative. The sense of responsibility that comes from this perspective can be both overwhelming and empowering. This challenge is not only for the consumer but for all of the hands that may be involved, from the farm to the cup. As the consumer becomes familiar with distinctions in the craft narrative that reflect this humility, it will be easier to support them with purchasing decisions.

Ultimately, we want to see coffee drinkers throughout the world with a cup full of joy, humility, and wonder. We believe that these are the raw ingredients for perfect coffee.