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Our Platform

Why we do what we do.

What do we aim to accomplish?

Today in the world of specialty coffee, there are so many voices discussing what they believe to be the next big thing. We hold to the axiom, "nothing dulls faster than the cutting edge." With this perspective in mind, we hope to become a resource for those seeking a bigger picture than this month's trends. We hold to three foundational values.

  • The best coffee can and should be the coffee you have in your own home.
  • It is important to hold a humble approach to value, which takes all of coffee history into account.
  • Crafting coffee can be as natural and rewarding to people as drinking it.

Our vision is not to shackle the coffee lover with another impossible standard or to colonize minds with our subjective views on quality and aesthetic. Instead, we want to see people experience freedom. We want them to have freedom to love what they love more completely and more confidently. We believe the current specialty coffee culture is ready to be disrupted by a home craft revolution.


Coffee in the home is the hope of the specialty coffee industry.

The mindset that only a specialist with an outrageously expensive machine can produce a quality coffee product is anathema to us. We see this as (ironically) one of the main reasons specialty coffee is not taken seriously by the general public. 

That being said, there are steps to increase the level of quality in the home. For some, these steps might be a bit of coffee knowledge. For others, it might be owning another hundred dollars worth of brewing equipment. Like anything, there is a deep 'rabbit hole' and it's up to the individual how much to invest into what can become an exercise in diminishing returns. One of our goals is to map out this process and evaluate what we consider the most beneficial steps to take.

We aim to overturn the tyranny of the daily coffee shop routine.

We'll feel accomplished when coffee loving citizens rise up and reject the notion that only someone else can properly make their coffee. Ultimately, we desire such connection to and passion for craft as personal expression and empowerment, that paying another person to craft their coffee will seem as unnatural as paying another person to drink it for them.

Coffee has value because it is a natural wonder, a craft, and a delicious product. Every hand through which it passes should experience and add to its value. We simply want all these constituents of value to be more available to the end user and not hoarded by coffee professionals with expensive-looking machines.


What about the name?

Coffee Bureau was created with a vision to bring coffee into the home. But, back in 1952, there was a little-known, yet fairly effective, government agency that aimed to get hard-working Americans to take a coffee break at work. After the turn of the 20th century, commercialized (read: "fast") coffee started to grow in popularity due to the industrial revolution. After WWII, coffee vending machines began popping up in offices, and business owners noticed how coffee made their workers more efficient. Bosses were happy to bring it into the office and the "coffee break" started to form. In 1952, the Pan-American Coffee Bureau—a corporate interest group designed to encourage Americans to drink coffees from various countries—was formed. The group gave the midday routine its official title through an ad campaign urging people to "Give yourself a Coffee-Break—and Get What Coffee Gives to You." It was a bit clunky but it worked. The bureau is now defunct, and we aim to usher in the next exciting coffee experience for citizens—bringing coffee home.